S2E11: The Wedding Feast Parable

May 16, 2022    Angie, Stevens

This week Angie and Stevens struggle to get into the topic of todays episode by discussing the gospel first, but also last. They believe that the gospel is so important that it merits mentioning every episode. The gospel is, after all, not just good news, but The Good News. Jesus died, was buried and on the 3rd day resurrected in accordance with the scriptures. But why is that important? Because he is coming back for those that receive his free gift of salvation. The wedding parable in the Bible gives us a very clear picture of those that are invited to accept the invitation to the wedding and the feast. It also gives us a clear picture of who is not invited, or better yet, who is not welcomed. Salvation is free and it is beautiful. We hope this podcast encourages you and equips you in sharing the gospel and engaging with others in an effort to help expand and prepare others for the return of our king Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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